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Germany series: Embrace being wrong

Traveling the streets of Nuremberg, Germany

It's crazy we just can't wear blue, a stranger by me says to his friend. Nor white, his friend agrees, it's just too loaded. They make their way around me continuing to talk about why some colors aren't acceptable to be worn in social gatherings. I wonder why that is.

I'm alone walking through random alleyways in Nuremberg. After hearing some of an audio book, I unplug when I see people. I like to hear what they say, how they are. Everyone here is friendlier than I thought. In fact, so many of my assumptions over the years have been wrong. I guess that's part of growing up.

Even here, where I am right now, it's nothing remotely close to the picture of where I figured I'd be. It's better, actually. I've never liked embracing change or being proven wrong, but I find myself liking it lately. The surprise of it all. It's hard work to always be in control. There's so much to be enjoyed on the other wide of letting go. #Germanyseries


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