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Germany Series: If it would come true, what would you wish for?

Traveling Nuremberg Germany & making wishes

This is where visitors come to make wishes. The Schöner Brunnen is a 14th century fountain surrounded by an iron fence with two rings embedded on either side. People come here, take their time to consider what's most important to them and then make the climb to turn its rings.

This bearded man is here every day and I think I understand why. 

Everyone goes up the same way. They stand on the sidelines pretending to care about the impressive structure, but what they’re really thinking about is their wish.

The best part is watching people turn around once they’ve spun the rings. ou can see hope in their faces. hen they come right back down to the human condition. Wonder if that’ll come true, written all over them. I’d like to think that it will.

Legend has it if you make a wish you’ll be back to Nuremberg. I’m back. This is my second time here after a drunken spin on a midnight bar crawl. And just like my story are countless others of return visits and granted wishes.

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